Pieces of the Moon

I have put an online edition/archive of my very first book of poetry, originally published in 2003, PIECES OF THE MOON. Of course, the print and ebook versions are still available through Arachis Press. It is my belief that poetry should be shared — and is not a money-maker anyway — so I am sharing this book. I might put up some of the ones that followed when I get ambitious, and also  have plain text versions for free download.

The for-sale editions are close to being at cost anyway. I see them as ‘loss-leaders’ for my novels! 🙂 You can find the PIECES OF THE MOON site at: https://piecesofthemoonpoems.blogspot.com/ . Visit anytime. ~ Stephen Brooke

Incidentally, I still am undecided on the future of this ‘Boats’ blog. We’ll see about that in time.

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Once Again

Yes, once again we—or I—have neglected this blog. On the publishing side of things, our attention has not been on poetry recently. And, once again, perhaps I don’t actually need to use this blog for its supposed (and admittedly nebulous) purpose. After all, news from the Arachis Press may be found at its own blog: http://arachispress.blogspot.com/

And of course there is my personal/author blog at: http://luckylad.insolentlad.com/

So, perhaps I shall continue to post here occasionally about Eggshell Boats as a ‘literary’ publisher or maybe I shall (once again!) repurpose this blog. In the meantime, back to working on the latest novel-in-progress.

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Voyages Release

Today, November  1 2017, is release date for our first title under the Eggshell Boats imprint (from Arachis Press), VOYAGES, a poetry collection from Stephen Brooke. Available at our Arachis Press store and retailers ‘everywhere’ (including, if you must, Amazon).

Here’s the official blurb:

The wind on the prairie, the wind on the sea…

These are poems and songs of sea and of land, of yearning for distant horizons and the welcoming hearths of home. Voyage with poet Stephen Brooke across the known and unknown. Visit the fog-shrouded ports, the wide plains rising to vast sky-touching mountains. Glimpse uncharted jungle coasts and those once familiar in the days of youth.

Life is made of such VOYAGES. A collection of poems from Stephen Brooke.

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Six Books

This is the site/blog I tend to neglect (I being Stephen Brooke). In part because its purpose kept changing (and is still a tad nebulous). I do have a couple other blogs, my ‘personal’ one and one for Arachis Press — and in that Eggshell Boats is sort of a part of Arachis Press, these pages are perhaps not even needed if I do no more than post news.

But I hope to do more, time permitting. We shall see. In the mean time, some of that news: our first title (one of my own, of course) will be out officially on November 1, the poetry collection ‘Voyages.’ All the work is done, everything approved, and barring unforeseen problems sit should be heading out for distribution ‘everywhere’ in print and ebook formats over the next month. ‘Pre-release’ copies are available directly from Arachis Press right now.

And most of my previous poetry titles are being shifted from AP to the Eggshell Boats imprint. With the latest, that makes six collections (the children’s poetry book, ‘Awful Alvin,’ is not included with these).  Where do we go from here? Stay tuned and find out — that’s what I intend to do.


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Auden on Tolkien

“To present the conflict between Good and Evil as a war in which the good side is ultimately victorious is a ticklish business. Our historical experience tells us that physical power and, to a large extent, mental power are morally neutral and effectively real: wars are won by the stronger side, just or unjust. At the same time most of us believe that the essence of the Good is love and freedom so that Good cannot impose itself by force without ceasing to be good.

“The battles in the Apocalypse and Paradise Lost, for example, are hard to stomach because of the conjunction of two incompatible notions of Deity, of a God of Love who creates free beings who can reject his love and of a God of absolute Power whom none can withstand. Mr. Tolkien is not as great a writer as Milton, but in this matter he has succeeded where Milton failed.”

W.H. Auden

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We finally have a ‘true’ website for EB. The URL is the same, of course, eggshellboats.com, but also eggshellboats.insolentlad.com. Yes, it is a subdomain at the Insolent Lad Media site, rather than just a page there.

Decidedly bare-bones for the moment but a step in the proper direction. We shall update as we feel motivated to do so—definitely before VOYAGES goes to publication.

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Cather Quote

“I don’t think you help people by making their conduct of no importance — you impoverish them. As long as every man and woman who crowded into the cathedrals on Easter Sunday was a principal in a gorgeous dram with God, glittering angels on one side and the shadows of evil coming and going on the other, life was a rich thing. The king and the beggar had the same chance at miracles and great temptations and revelations. And that’s what makes men happy, believing in the mystery and importance of their own little individual lives. It makes us happy to surround our creature needs and bodily instincts with as much pomp and circumstance as possible. Art and religion (they are the same thing in the end, of course) have given man the only happiness he has ever had.” ~ Willa Cather

I’m not a great fan of Cather, from a technical or stylistic standpoint, finding her writing clumsily constructed and too fond of an outdated pop-psychology, but liked this passage from ‘The Professor’s House.’ She certainly had good ideas in her work.

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The first poetry title to be published under the Eggshell Boats imprint will be Stephen Brooke’s VOYAGES, scheduled for release on November 1, 2017.


Voyages presents 75 poems and songs of the human journey, of sea and of land, of yearning for distant horizons and the welcoming hearths of home. From Eggshell Boats, an imprint of the Arachis Press.

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I put up a new short story on the ‘Stories’ page. Whether I shall continue to put that sort of material here, I do not know. Probably not, as I continue to transition to the poetry publishing thing. But it is there now.

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In a sense, Love does not exist. It is not a ‘thing;’ it has no physical substance. It is a construct, a word we fill with what meaning we will, attempting to describe a range of emotions and desires.

The same is true of ‘art’ and ‘faith’ and a thousand other abstractions we use every day, pretending they are real things. Perhaps it is true of ‘god’ as well.

I can hold a woman but I can not hold love. I can open a book and call it ‘mystery’ or ‘literature,’ but it remains paper and ink. My naming it something other produces no transubstantiation. Canvas and paint is ‘art’ only in my head.

We tend to confuse words with things, ideas with the concrete. It is true that all ‘reality’ is ultimately built in our minds, made of the metaphors we create. Still, one can not pick up a piece of love nor peel faith like an orange.

There is most certainly a place for the sort of magical thinking that makes things of ideas. Our world would be an impoverished place without it. But it is ‘being’ that matters. The rest serves to help us understand what is, brings us bits of truth to add to the reality we construct.

For love may not exist, as a thing, but such ideas hold the things that are real together.

Stephen Brooke ©2017

Notes toward an idea, not particularly finished (and perhaps never to be).

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